Album - Black Cherry

  2. Get Up & Move!!
  3. Ningyo-hime (人魚姫; Mermaid Princess)
  4. Yume no Uta (夢のうた; Dream Song)
  5. Tsuki to Taiyou (月と太陽; The Moon and the Sun)
  6. Puppy
  7. Koi no Tsubomi (恋のつぼみ; Bud of Love)
  8. WON'T BE LONG ~Black Cherry Version~ (Original: Da Bubble Gum Brothers)
  9. JUICY
  10. Candle Light
  11. Cherry Girl
  12. I'll be there
  13. Unmei (運命; Fate)
  14. With your smile
  15. Milk Tea (ミルクティ)
  16. Twinkle ~English Version~ (First Press Bonus Track)
  17. GO WAY!! (First Press Bonus Track)
  18. WON'T BE LONG ~Red Cherry Version~ (First Press Bonus Track(Original: Da Bubble Gum Brothers)

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